Extracurricular Activities

Soccer at St. Vincent
  • Concorde Campus: On Monday we have a soccer class right after school
  • Saint-Jacques Campus: On Wednesday at lunchtime, we have soccer class
  • Registration for the fall, winter and spring season
Karate Di Bella
  • Concorde Campus: On Wednesday during lunch time 
  • Saint Jacques: On Monday during lunch time 
  • Registration for the fall, winter and spring season
Enfant et Compagnie
Information will be sent out to parents on a regular basis. They will be present on Tuesday and Thursday in both centers

Activities Organized by Teachers

Saint-Jacques Campus:

  • Lego and board games,
  • gym activities
  • yoga


Concorde Campus:

  • Futsal for grade 5-6
  • Keep Calm and Carry on Club for grade 5-6
  •  Music Club for grade 3-4-5-6.

 If you need more information on these activities, please contact the school