Extracurricular Activities

Soccer at St. Vincent
  • Concorde Campus: On Monday we have a soccer class right after school
  • Saint-Jacques Campus: On Wednesday at lunchtime, we have soccer class
  • Registration for the fall, winter and spring season
Karate Di Bella
  • Saint Jacques: On Monday during lunch time 
  • Registration for the fall, winter and spring season
Enfant et Compagnie
Information will be sent out to parents for every session as they offer more than activities in each center. The information will be sent out by email, it will be posted on Facebook and on the website.

Activities Organized by Teachers

Saint-Jacques Campus:

  • Lego and board games
  • Gym activities
  • Zoga
  • Kindness Club
  • Club de marche
  • Cooperative play
  • Art club
  • Fit club


Concorde Campus:

  • Practice for different sports tournament during lunch time
  • Chess club
  • Leadership club
  •  Music Club for grade 3-4-5-6.

 If you need more information on these activities, please contact the school