Lunch Menu

Piccola Gioia is our caterer for the school year! 

They are happy to announce that their online ordering is now available and functional. Please find below the procedure to order online and the menu available for the year. You can visit their website at

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, Saint Vincent decided to reduce, to the maximum, the use of plastic water bottles. As a result, the governing board of Saint Vincent Elementary School, in collaboration with Piccola Gioia discussed the issue and came to the following conclusion. Starting September 2019, all students are going to be encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to school in order to have access to water at all time. For families using the Piccolo Gioia services, they will see the cost of their meal reduce to $5.25 as the hot meal will not include a beverage. Parents can decide to send their child with juices should they wish to do so or have their child fill their reusable water bottle at school.